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Terms & Conditions

In order for Unique Destination Travel to provide a professional level of service and cover the costs of arranging your travel requirements, the following booking conditions apply. All information, goods and services are provided subject to your acceptance of Unique Destination Travel’s Schedule of Professional Services and Terms of Trade. By using the services of Unique Destination Travel you are deemed to have read and accepted the Schedule of Professional Services and Terms of Trade. Any monies paid, or commitments made are accepted subject to these conditions. Unique Destination Travel acts as an agent on behalf of carriers, cruise lines, suppliers, tour operators, service providers and other associated travel related companies. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the associated Terms, Fees and Conditions that apply to yourself, your family or travelling companions that you represent or make payments on their behalf.

Fees are levied to cover costs to ensure delivery of services and our viability that has elevated our Agency reputation as it is today. In good faith, if at any stage Unique Destination Travel is at fault, fees hereon will not be levied. We will assume responsibility and incur all associated fees to rectify the fault in your favour.
ALL fees are inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Taxes). These conditions and fees apply to ALL travel bookings and associated services made with Unique Destination Travel, endorsed with our professional services and accreditations. We are in business to survive in the long term, delivering service excellence to our clients.
ALL fees, terms and conditions are levied in addition to those specified by Airlines, Cruise Lines, Carriers, Suppliers and Service Providers.
ALL fees are non-refundable unless stated otherwise.

KEY: pp=per person; Bkg=per booking; Non-Ref=Non-refundable; Pol=per policy; Itm=per item; Pge=per page; p/h=per hour; Pspt=per passport; Qte=per quote, Crd= per card


Unique Destination Travel will provide a maximum of 2 quotes for your travel arrangements FREE of charge. A fee will be imposed for each additional quote. All quote fees will be deducted from the balance owing on your trip once booked. Should you decide not to proceed with the booking, quote fees are non-refundable. All quotes are valid for 7 days and subject to change and availability.
• Additional Quotes, Written Quotes – $22.00 Qte


Unique Destination Travel is happy to make the following bookings on your behalf. In order to process these bookings, the following fees apply.
• Domestic, Trans Tasman, Pacific, Intra-continental Air (ie within Europe, Africa etc), Domestic & International Rail, Coach, Ferry – One Way $22.00 pp, Return/Circle Trip $44.00 pp
• International Published One Way, Return, Circle Trip, Round World Air – 8% pp of published fare excluding taxes
• Car Rental (Excludes Packages) – $22.00 Bkg • Frequent Flyer Redemption Requests – $110.00 pp • Entertainment, Sport Events, Other – $22.00 pp


Domestic Packages within 5 working days of departure – $33.00 Bkg
International Air within 5 working days of departure – $55.00 Bkg
International Packages within 10 working days of departure – $77.00 Bkg


Unique Destination Travel
requires a non-refundable booking deposit as outlined below. These deposits apply to each service provider utilised to make your booking complete. The deposit amount will be credited towards the total cost payable. Payments are due by the dates indicated on your Statement of Account. The deposit amounts are payable over and above the deposit amount requested by the supplier. Bookings made within 10 days of departure require full payment at the time of booking. Failure to pay deposits by the due dates may result in the cancellation of your booking, increases in price and a late payment fee. Final payment dates vary depending on the supplier. Many air fares are payable in full at time of booking.
• Domestic, Trans Tasman, Pacific Air – $55.00 pp (Most fares payable in full at time of booking)
• Domestic Land, Cruises - $110.00 pp • International Air, International Land, Cruises – $200.00 pp


The following fees will be charged for late payment of deposits and final amounts. An additional late fee will be charged for every 5 working days payments are overdue.
• First Late Fee – $33.00 Bkg • Additional Late Fee – $11.00 Bkg


If payment is not received by the due date indicated on your invoice and your booking is cancelled by the service provider as a result, a reinstatement fee will be charged. This fee will also apply if you choose to cancel voluntarily and then reinstate the booking. Bookings will only be reinstated subject to availability.
• Reinstatement Fee – $55.00 Bkg


Unique Destination Travel
prefers payment by Cash or Internet Bank Transfer for all purchases. We do not accept cheques.

If depositing payments into Unique Destination Travel’s Trust Bank Account,
a copy of the bank receipt is required before payment is acknowledged. Please ensure the bank notes your name in the remarks when depositing funds.

If transferring funds to Unique Destination Travel’s Bank Account via Internet banking facilities
, please allow 48 hours for funds to appear in our account. Please ensure you quote the Traveller’s name as indicated on the Statement of Account at the time of transferring funds. If payment is due within 48 hours, we require an email copy of the “Transfer Receipt” as confirmation of payment.

payments are accepted on all purchases where service providers will accept the transaction on your behalf. Some service providers do apply a surcharge for credit card transactions.
For all credit card transactions processed by Unique Destination Travel, a fee will apply to the total sales value as indicated below:
• Visa Card, Mastercard – Between 1.35% and 2.2%, American Express – 2.2%

This office is registered with “AFTA- Australian Federation of Travel Agents”, who now have an approved payment provider called TravelPay. We now offer the highest level of banking security compliance to protect your card details. It also covers our business (the Agency) & you (the Client) if you pay by Credit Card, in the event of an airline, tour operator, or travel supplier going in to Bankruptcy, Insolvency or Collapse.

Most Insurance policies do not cover supplier collapse or Insolvency. Because of this extra cover that TravelPay & AFTA supply, Unique Destination Travel suggest that you pay by credit card as a matter of protection.” Credit Card payments will now show as “TRAVELPAY” on your bank statement.

We only book with Travel Companies listed or covered by AFTA Membership. Should you choose a company that is not covered under the AFTA Membership Scheme, we will advise you at the time of booking, to ensure an appropriate insurance policy is in place, to cover your travel arrangements.


Any changes made to a confirmed itinerary after you have accepted it will attract an amendment fee as indicated below. Communication costs incurred in securing further confirmations may also be charged. These fees are in addition to any fees imposed by service providers and apply to each booking component requiring an amendment.
• Date Changes, Flight Re-routings –$55.00 pp • Land/Packages or Other Arrangements –$55.00 Bkg
• Frequent Flyer Bookings –$88.00 pp • Name Changes – $88.00 pp
(Note: Some service providers do not permit name changes in which case the booking will need to be cancelled and rebooked. Reinstatement fees will apply)
• Other – $33.00 Bkg


Any changes made to a confirmed itinerary after you have accepted it and paid in full that require travel documents to be re-issued will attract an amendment fee. In addition, a further fee will be required for the re-issue of documents. Communication costs incurred in securing further confirmations may also be charged. The fees outlined below are in addition to any fees imposed by service providers and apply to each booking component requiring re-issue.
• Domestic & International $55.00 pp
• Name Changes – $110.00 pp
(Note some service providers do not permit name changes in which case the booking will need to be cancelled and rebooked. Reinstatement fees will apply)
In the event that you lose or misplace your tickets or travel documents, the following fees apply. Please note it may also be necessary to sign a Lost Document Indemnity form as required by the service provider.
• Replacement required with more than 10 days prior to departure – $88.00 pp
• Replacement required with less than 10 days prior to departure – $150.00 pp


In the event of cancellation, you will automatically lose your deposits. Additional fees will apply as indicated below. Service providers may pose other fees subject to their booking conditions.
All other fees that may have been paid are also non-refundable. All cancellation requests must be made in writing.
• Before final payment – Deposit amount
• After final payment – Deposit amount or 15% of the total booking value, whichever is greater.
• Insurance – As per the insurers guidelines. After the cooling off period, a minimum of 50% of the premium will be retained by the agency in addition to charges incurred by the insurer. Purchase of additional supplier cancellation protection insurances do not cover the loss of Unique Destination Travel deposits and fees.


If you are eligible for a refund once a booking has been cancelled, the balance less any non-refundable amounts will be forwarded to you upon receipt of the refund from service providers. Please note that some refunds can take upwards of 12 weeks to process. Cash refunds will not be provided at any time. Refunds will only be paid to the original payee.


Unique Destination Travel
consultants will provide professional advice and assist in obtaining visa and re-entry certificates on your behalf in conjunction with the Visa Courier Company. In addition to Consular and Courier charges, the processing of Visas and Passports will attract the following fees:
• Visa & Passport – 1st Visa $66.00 pp pspt • Subsequent Visa – $55.00 pp pspt • Visa and Passport Urgent Fee (Within 10 working days) – $110.00 pp pspt


Unique Destination Travel does not post travel documents by ordinary mail. Postage fees will apply as below.
Urgent delivery of documents – Adelaide Metro Delivery $22.00 Itm, SA Country or Interstate Delivery $44.00 Itm or as charged by the service provider, International Delivery as charged by the service
• Express Post – $7.00 Itm (If requested by you)


International and interstate telecommunication charges will be payable by you when the purpose is for making or amending your reservations. Fees are only levied if you request communication or
reservations cannot be made by our computer reservations systems, email or Internet.
• Telephone – As charged by Unique Destination Travel’s Service Provider.
• Fax – Domestic $1.00 pge, International $3.00 pge (Outgoing only)


A fee will be imposed to reconfirm or query any booking made by anyone other than Unique Destination Travel including bookings made by:
• The client direct with the service provider • Another Travel Agency • Internet Bookings
• Fee – $88.00 Bkg


Unique Destination Travel
issues insurance upon immediate receipt of payment to protect you. Where insurance was not purchased through Unique Destination Travel and your insurance company
requires travel documentation so that a claim can be finalised, a fee will be imposed.
• Insurance Claim – $110.00 Bkg (Policy not issued by Unique Destination Travel)


After 6 months, computer and paper files are stored, secured and archived off our premises. A fee will be charged per item required from an archived file.
• Search Fee – $33.00 Itm


We provide 2 FREE copies of itineraries and attachments. Extra copies will be charged at – $0.25 pge


Copying of A4 pages from files held will be released for police investigations, court proceedings etc. Written requests must be made to us prior to release, based on the “Privacy Laws” in place. Unique Destination Travel staff will advise costs due before activating. Fees to retrieve pages from archive (over 6 months old) will also incur a Search Fee as outlined in Search/Archive Fees above.
• Copy Fee – $3.00 pge


Should you require the services of a Unique Destination Travel consultant outside of our regular office hours, you will be charged accordingly.
• After Hours Consultation – $55.00 p/h


Upon request, Unique Destination Travel can enrol you with ALL Frequent Flyer Programs or Travel Loyalty Programs, subject to a processing fee. Unique Destination Travel can also investigate missing frequent flyer points, obtain point balances and quote on redemption travel. Upgrades to Business and First Class are available with most Frequent Flyer Programs. Unique Destination Travel will process these upgrades on your behalf.
• Loyalty Program Enrolment – $55.00 pp • Frequent Flyer Research – $110.00 Bkg • Frequent Flyer Upgrade – $110.00 pp


Unique Destination Travel
specialise in Corporate and Group Travel arrangements. Additional or different conditions may apply to Corporate and Group bookings and will be provided upon request.


You must complete and sign a booking form to acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept the booking conditions, Schedule of Professional Services and Terms of Trade that form part of the contract. Travel Documents will not be released until the Booking Form has been completed and submitted.


Collection of your travel documents is your responsibility. Charges will apply for posted or couriered documents. The delivery of travel documentation is also your responsibility. Unique Destination Travel will not be held responsible for tickets lost by a third party and any charges associated with the reissue and re-sending of documentation will be at your expense.


Finances and spending money are your own responsibility. Unique Destination Travel recommends that you carry a mixture of Cash Passport, credit cardsand foreign currency. Unique Destination Travel can order and supply Cash Passports and foreign cash on your behalf. Please ensure you give us at least 72 hours’ notice.


Unique Destination Travel
has the authority and the right to change or modify all or any part of these terms and conditions at any time without notice.


We will collect personal information that is relevant to your travel arrangements. This includes providing necessary information to airlines, cruise lines, suppliers, insurance providers and other service providers to fulfil your travel arrangements. By making a booking, you consent to Unique Destination Travel using any personal information for the purpose of making and completing travel arrangements on your behalf.


All coupons, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the service providers. By accepting travel coupons and tickets and utilising the travel services offered by Unique Destination Travel, you agree that neither Unique Destination Travel nor any subsidiary company or representative shall be liable for any loss, injury or damage to you or your travelling companions or belongings or otherwise in connection with any travel, accommodation, transportation or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrence beyond the control of Unique Destination Travel, its subsidiary or representative. Your travel documents, visas and vaccinations and compliance with customs regulations are your own responsibility. Unique Destination Travel does not endorse or recommend any particular travel service provider.

Unique Destination Travel and its third-party suppliers have taken reasonable care that any information provided with your booking is correct. All information and prices provided are subject to amendment at any time without notice. Unique Destination Travel publishes such information in good faith as advised by the service providers. Unique Destination Travel will not be responsible for errors, omissions or misleading information in travel information and listings. You should make your own evaluation of the accuracy or completeness of any information, opinion, advice or other content
available. You are solely responsible for the suitability of any travel services, which you purchase through Unique Destination Travel. In particular, Unique Destination Travel is not liable for any inconvenience caused or expense incurred as a result of any unsuitability or incorrectness of travel services for use in association with other travel services. Unique Destination Travel’s role in relation to your travel arrangements is limited to facilitating your booking and rranging travel documentation, payments and refunds as applicable. Where Unique Destination Travel is liable to you under these terms and conditions its liability will be limited to providing the relevant booking services again or to refunding money paid in relation to services not provided because of Unique Destination Travel’s default. Where refunds are due to you from third party suppliers of travel products or services, Unique Destination Travel will provide reasonable assistance to you in claiming such funds from those suppliers. Under no circumstances will Unique Destination Travel be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to lost profits or savings or damages for disappointment. In respect to booking with Unique Destination Travel, you acknowledge that you have sufficient funds to meet all charges for travel services booked. You must read the travel-specific terms and conditions provided by each service provider, together with our Schedule of Professional Services and Terms of Trade.

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